Friday, May 28, 2010


I just needed time alone, with my own thoughts

Mic Check

So, Some things are just too strange to be considered normal. In fact it's unnormal. So i have no choice but to consider it a test. Because that shit was just NOT normal.


Pac Div:

Kirko Bangz(freestyle):


What's strange is, we were in Manhattan New York, nobody knows us up there. Notice were just walking down the street. So the question is who took this pic of us? Answer is some random person. Still kinda creepy, cause we had no idea.

Where's Waldo

I spy something i want...

Via :

Camera Phone..
Wack one at that, and my pics turn out better than your phancee cameras'
Just, sayin


I Dnt' get to wear hats, i wanna wear a hat..

My Canvas


Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm Working on something, It's not going according to plan. But it WILL be accomplished. Remember i said that.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm having an affair with her, she got my hart tho..


Wale Ft J.Cole & Currensy - Rather Be With You

Why are we still conversing when i'm sure you heard the chorus, i'm sure you get the point. And i prefer you throw it urgent. your mind can say no, but she can't control the urges.

Mr. Hudson- Lift Your Head

Answer every question with a yes, Answer every problem with a smile.

Thanks, Blue

I Wanna

really ruins my mood when i cant find a song i wanna hear. For example _________

I Fugg With

Mr. Hudson:

It Ain't Easy


-i make up names

A Piece Of Cake

I Recommend:


I Keep It Player, While Some To Play Choose It Safe.

2yr Old Smokes 40 Cigarettes A Day (Addicted To Nicotine)

Big Boi- Shutter Bug

Baby, Baby. You're in my system.

Aint None To Fwck Wit'

Bam Bam

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You Girls Do The MOST

Okay, let me just say. This video is hilarious. Yet SO TRUE.

Yall should check her youtube out:

Sidenote: she hit the nail on the head with the make up being painted on faces, and those ugly ass 3 inch long eyelashes.

Monday, May 24, 2010

After Sex- Nikki & Kat

Zoe Saldana
Mila Kunis


So, yesterday i went to the zoo (i love animals) But i got sad seeing all the animals caged up, for life. The damn birds couldn't even spread their wing's. That hurts. Then i saw the 20 ft Giraffes that could have easily jumped over the fence. But they stayed stuck in that was symbolic to life to me. Then i went to the park and layed in the grass for 2 hours, meditating and talking til' it was dark (moon was gorgeous)

Dear You, thanks for experiencing that with me :-]

Stacy Wall

Here's the thing, I understand you want to get to know me. But it's an unconscious wall there. And if you force it. I automatically shut down. That's just it. No forumula for chemistry. If we don't vibe, we just dnt vibe. Get tht through your forcy mind. Sheesh
p.s. if you feel like im directing this towards you, i am.


All i can say is, this guy here is this is my FRIEND. We have a strange connection man. But it's there. "The gotdamn Cove" I love you man. Zach y Stacy in Wonderland, because of you i met __________. Lol the rest is history, he is amazing (and a bum)
I Thank God Everytime I see A Butterfly.

This is life right here, he lives it.

sincerely,sugar water

The Kidd Frankie

We live life Sucka Free..

No Bullshit

Okay i must admit, although Chris Browns career has taken a d o w n f a l l. The guy is still productive, and i have to give him credit for that. You go boy. Just control your temper.

She Was Mine

...But i dnt mind sharing her beautiful mind with yall. This is Ashley aka Icey aka Downtown Judy Brown aka @MirandaPri3stly

1 Reason

That Look in your eye, it's always there. Which is why i always stare.
I come across a shit load of blogs that SUCK, seriously.

Where are the cool bloggers?
I'm sorry but i do not want to sit and read 234234 paragraphs about your life, get to the point

I Want You

To kiss me on my cheek..
I always thought girls with g a p s were alot cooler then girls without them.

This Pic

Pretty much sums up the whole night, i was on the ground the entire night.

Hip Hop Saved My Life



Well yea, i can admit i love you. Just feels great to know it's mutual.

This Guy

..kinda creeps me out. I see him all the time walking around, he has the big fat man glasses. With a long beard. He always speaks to me tho. AND omfg as im writing this he JUST walked by my window. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

La Roux - In For The Kill

I'm going in for the kill, i'm doing it for the thrill. I'm hoping you'll understand.

Whoa, talk about intense

Feist - I Feel it all (Diplo remix)

Mary Jane & Stacy


In Tact

The end is never the end, a new challenge awaits.

Kick, Push

I'm just rambling off my cerebellum. Did i spell that right? Prolly not, but yall know what it means. i just feel like im there. At that place where i wanna be in the future. But it's the present right now which means im not really there. Thats the key, the key to life is to get there. (In my opinion) Get Where? Wherever you wanna go. I wanna be happy. So thats where i'm going. I applied to Happy University, they are also accepting applications. Only thing is, you have to lose ALL the baggage to go. It's a lovely place.
Stacy: How do you know when you're REALLY over sombody?
Jon: When the thought, smell, sight, of them DISGUST YOU.

and thats real, thanks




All day....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Would You Like To Ride?


You are the omega of my hart, The foundation of my conception of love. When i think of what a black woman should be, it's you that i first think of. You will never fully understand how deeply my hart feels for you. I worry that we'll grow apart, and i will end up losing you. You bring me to the climax without sex. And you do it all with regal grace. You are my hart in human form. A friend i could never replace.
-2pac Shakur


Touch Me Tease Me/Gotta Get You Home

Everything that happens in life does not call for an explanation. When you look for explanations for everything, then it becomes boring. Just consider it a blessing or a Lesson. Thats just how i feel.

I'm Addicted To You

No seriously, i wanna start a crawfish farm.

Who's This??


It's This amazing person i know, this person is amazing. We do amazing things. Person came from nowhere, but they are definately from somewhere. How amazing is that?

To be honest

I'ts like, People ask me what my plans are after i graduate.
Then i make up a different plan each time.
It's not the truth tho, I'm in school about to graduate
But..TO BE HONEST what i wanna do prolly has nada to do with my major.
What do i wanna do? I wanna do everythang. But they dnt have that major in school.
I'm not planning, i'm just living.
Can i live?


Love Is Noise

While At Work

I hide in the last bathroom stall to get away from the crazy folks. And i make Toilet Paper Ninja Mask, Dnt judge me.

Bitter Sweet Symphony

I was at work during pre-shift. The manager was talkin bout sum' Then i just burst out with "Anybody know who sings this song" haha


Whatchu Mean?