Friday, January 29, 2010



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Camera Man

i was into who was on stage..

camera man was into me..

Glow In The Dark-Ye

am i late? or early?



I feel great today. Sun is shining. Sunshine is Great. I like what i'm wearing too, Middle of January and its the right amount of sun and no chill,...Perfect song for Today.

2 for 99cent Tuesday's

glad i ran into yall

Monday, January 25, 2010

Today Was A Good Day

Hey Papi

Oh Boy

Travis McCoy...

We'd have so much fun..


Okay so im about to tell a story, and while im writing im jamming the shit out this song, so you JAM too:

So to make a long story short, if i can. Yesterday after i got off work me and my friend went to go have a celebration. In the car my brain was like in overdrive, i have a problem with stressing over too much my mind was everywhere. Then my friend was like "you knw i think it's really rude when people text when they ride in the car with me i'm not texting. So i was like dayum, ..okay. Right, i put my phone down and enjoyed the random ride around Hempstead. My friend passes the Mary to me and i inhaled, after that idk what happend but it was a huge rush from my head to the tip of my toes, my vision got clear and all my problems went away, I'll going to call it a Marygasm. That was great. Oh and i saw this,

Pleasant Days make the world go round.

And i promise this song jams so hard.

I promise im not crazy, this is just my life

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Silk The Shocker- It Aint My Fault

Currently Jamming

Chip The Ripper

boy who hooked you up with those beasty ass beats.

T.I Hotel

One of my fav T.I. songs.
Off his FIRST album

Soldier Of Love

gone' girl

Public Displays of Affection

So, im a bit obsessed with yall's relationship. I just think it's cool how yall are the biggest couple in America. And yall show no signs of affection. Makes people wonder what goes on behind closed doors.

NO they are not holding hands. They are holding ORANGES haha. kinky.

by the way, im afraid of Public Displays of Affection, i refuse to hold your hand, or kiss you or anything. I dnt even like people knowing who i talk to. chill

Dear Stacy

why did you send that text last night?

Drunken minds speak sober words, only time i had enough courage to say it.

Light's Please

My first time seeing you live, i must admit it was worth me leaving work 30 min early, and stood up for 3 hours in painful heels. but besides all that. I felt you, and i thought it was cool how you made eye contact with Alicia and winked at her lol. That was enough to let me know you try to connect with your fans. I appreciate good music and i appreciated you. I swear i was in a daze for like 7 minutes, just from listening to lyrics. I approve you, not to many people can give me butterflies with words. Im'a Talk until you tell me shutup
"They say Jay Illuminati, I guess i fucked up"


I jam your mixtape every other day and i finally see you live lol, It's crazy i see you at your happiest when its a mic in your hand and when you were on stage i saw love in your eyes, for what you were doing. And thats when it hit me. Music is your life. I see you going somewhere and im not just saying that to sound corny for my blog. Im serious, If dnt nobody else feel you, i do. but i knw they did too. I forgot i was a friend last night and turned into a fan. I see a rainbow of music in your backyard.


I dnt wanna just rock with you, i wanna vibe with you.

Everybody did great last night, i really love young people delivering what they desire.

Follow Me

Okay, so yea guilty
step my follow game up.
i promise im fun

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Can You Give Nick Cannon a Ride?

Jay Z , Trey Songs, and Jeezy left me.
I thought they were my friends..haha


This little boy was buried up under all this stuff for 8 days. And when he was rescued he came out with joy and said he was just happy to be free. This pic is priceless.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I know whats gonna happen, and i'm allowing it to.
Why? Because i wanna rock the boat, and my ship has sank.

-Pun intended.

Shuga Samples

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Social Culture

Some of the things i learned in class today :

-The original Planned Parenthood was created back in the early 1900's to sterilze African Americans from Birthing more "useless humans"..but the intentions of Planned Parenthood Later Changed.
-European Women Are Not Allowed to Self Explore their body without the assistance from a man.
-In the Polynesion Culture, For every 1 orgasm a man has, he owes that woman 3.

-10% of Americam women do not reach orgasms.
-Some cultures teach their children how to explore sexual pleasures with other children. Parental Advisory required.
-Americans want to engage in behavior but we dnt want anybody to know about it.
-The style of courting has changed since technology came into place.
-I am because you are, and since you are therefore i am.
-I think therefore i Am.
-The media hides alot
-What makes you valuable?
-Quick, name 3 words to describe yourself?

Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Money To Blow Audition Tape


Iv'e Been Waiting...

Diddy (Feat. Rick Ross) -Dirty Money Angels Remix

By the way..Happy 400th Post.


Hey Shuga

It Takes Two :-]

Presidental Sweet

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Roomate

I'ts been hot outside all day, WHY do you insist on turning the HEAT on at night. It's not even cold outside, and you have desert storm in the house. We Wont live like this.

Diamonds All In Ya Face

this old ass song jammed extremely too hard last night, good times.

I Had No Idea..

"Now i shave under my arms, because thats a different kind of hair. Now hair under your arms , if it gets a little stink on it , thats a bad thing. I believe hair on legs is a black woman's thing...
Gross, well i can understand if your hair is like blonde and it blends in with your legs.


I've been searching everywhere for this pic, now my day is complete.

R E S P E C T.

I Like To Play

If I Ruled The World

The World Is Mine...When i wake Up


Bck To School

So i came bck to school, with my new laptop. Which didnt work :/
I came back to school and realized i forgot my tv and dvd player at home :/
My mom discoverd new tattoos and decided to trip again :/
I was 30 min late to class today :/
And i havent really been sleeping, INSOMNIA, thanks to you. You knw i can only sleep when your around. Blah.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hart For Haiti

"we spent the day picking up dead bodies"

I should you.

even tho my moms gonna be pissed when she sees the phone bill from me texting donations..

oh well.

my prayers go out.

Take it Off

megan, fox.
2007 was fun
you were fun while it lasted tho.

See you in January..

I'm coming over

to give you some water

Time to Replenish

I knw you've been dehydrated

i plan to keep you healthy..

you will always remember me.



i have NEVER seen a tattoo like this. i want one :) if you look closely the ink is amost invisible, unless it's not real, and yall knw something idk :/ i stiil like it tho.


Welcome Home..

“Wait til I shake this world up now! I want reparations! Six Years off the scene for most rappers it’ll be over with. It’s about to be the beginning for me!!! “.

Low End Theory

I really like this pic..
A tribe called Quest..

but besides all that................

you do the math, im not hating. Fiyah ass cut. But give Pep her credit.