Sunday, January 24, 2010

Light's Please

My first time seeing you live, i must admit it was worth me leaving work 30 min early, and stood up for 3 hours in painful heels. but besides all that. I felt you, and i thought it was cool how you made eye contact with Alicia and winked at her lol. That was enough to let me know you try to connect with your fans. I appreciate good music and i appreciated you. I swear i was in a daze for like 7 minutes, just from listening to lyrics. I approve you, not to many people can give me butterflies with words. Im'a Talk until you tell me shutup
"They say Jay Illuminati, I guess i fucked up"


I jam your mixtape every other day and i finally see you live lol, It's crazy i see you at your happiest when its a mic in your hand and when you were on stage i saw love in your eyes, for what you were doing. And thats when it hit me. Music is your life. I see you going somewhere and im not just saying that to sound corny for my blog. Im serious, If dnt nobody else feel you, i do. but i knw they did too. I forgot i was a friend last night and turned into a fan. I see a rainbow of music in your backyard.


I dnt wanna just rock with you, i wanna vibe with you.

Everybody did great last night, i really love young people delivering what they desire.

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