Monday, August 24, 2009


You know, i almost sat here and wrote like most writers do all accurate and stating facts, i'd rather not im gonna sit her and voice my opinion, while throwing facts in .The same way she throws her lyrics in. Im sitting here on her myspace page trying to figure out what im gonna write, and i realized that i re-played her song 7 times. I instantly became a fan, then when i realized she was influenced by :Lauryn Hill-Erykah Badu-Musiq Soulchild-Da Brat-John Legend-JayZ-India Irie, it war a wrap. A young hip hop soul artist with such an old soul, her voice took my back to jamming Erykah Badu i just felt the vibe, Just like Vibe Magazine, shes a page turner or should i say NYA'S a blessing to the ear.

I'm a strong believer that you shouldnt judge a book by its cover, its crazy that such a small person can pack such an intense voice which includes sick metaphors, messages, melody's, and most of all SICK MUSIC. "i dont want no money, i dont need no fame, just lock me in the studio, and let me do my thang" Who would have thought that this once meek poetry-journal toting child would evolved into a confident woman, sharing her gift. Her gift of music, im glad you decided to share it with the world.

At the end of the day, NYA'S music is...

Let your mind free, and JUST BREATH take all her music in @

It's crazy this local woman and local band, is just that local? its about time she got discovered, and if she doesnt thats your loss. You want my opinion? i love her music, i love her style of music, and i love the fact that shes a natural nothing is forced she sings from the heart. Who is she? SHE is NYA..


This message is approved by me :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Take a Drink Bitch.

i respect him, he will remix everthing like two days after the sng releases whether it turns out hot or not. plus i got to watch him on webcam :0]

This is so Prescious.


  • My Flight Leaves Tommorrow at 9:10am
  • Ive been packing today since 2 thats was 6 hours ago, i am the worst packer ever.
  • Me and my mom have THE strangest relationship
  • I used to strait jack the shit out of Old Navy, but i quit
  • I really hope he doesnt think things will be the way they were when school starts
  • I have a short attention span
  • Maxwell should txt me back.
  • I need an asshole.
  • If my mom walks in right now shes gonna curse me out because ive been on the computer all day. absolutley nada accomplished.
  • I miss him, but im gonna ignore him until he gives me the attention i want.
  • I ALWAYS cry at church, no matter what.
  • I dnt think ill ever have the actual title as "boyfriend" in college.
  • If you call me, ill push ignore than text back "hey..sup?"
  • I think i have a stalker.
  • One day i wanna be famous. dnt gotta be in the videos or nada, just wanna be known
  • I want my blog to become popular.
  • And i wanna have a smoke session with my celeb. loves
  • I think im the only girl thats not obsessed with beyonce.
  • Aaliyah was my first and last fav. singer.
  • Ex's or Ex's for a reason, and mine makes me wanna throw up.
  • Im slowly learning how to cook, but nobody will eat it. taste good to me.
  • id make love to trey songz cheek bones.
  • bad sex is unnaceptable. slap yourself.
  • I think im obsessed with boys with strong structured faces, ill love you for your dimples, or jawline. sorry.
  • i dnt know how to run or job, my legs literally stop working.
  • i have to do something to disturb my food to make myself stop eating, i can out eat the nutty professor.
  • Erykah badu should text me so we can catch up on the times we never had.
  • Your name here.
  • Last year i threw up right infront of the JEFE BAR like up in the air. on the way to the car, everybody saw me. im nt even ashamed.
  • i do not know how to talk on the phone, i just cant do it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


this video, and underlying meaning of the song is the shit.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Distant Lover.

I always talk about my imaginary boyfriend, lol the one tht i dnt have. And i never seem to be attracted to anyone, but the other day at work (METH n RED) concert, i saw the strangest beautifal looking creature, he was in the crowd but the security had to pull him out because he was too drunk and high in the crowd so he had to take a "breather" i turned around and i just started staring at him. Then i watched the show somemore and turned bck around then he was gone. Then i turned around again and he was there, then he was gone. He had big hair, not big gay hair but big sloppy puffy coily hair that was sooo long and pretty. what i want mine to look like when it grows more. i dnt know his name, but he was supposed to be my lover. If anybody finds him let me know.

you see how my hair is in this picture?? well his was like 5x longer and bigger than that. FIND HIM!!!


i still think im all that in a bag of chips cause i did this with a steady hand on accesories paint, not paint pro, not photoshop, but the paint that comes on every computer along with solitare. im the

Comin' To Break You Off..


idk why i made the mistake of coming to your blog today, i almost cried but i stopped myself cause i knew u would yell at me. i dnt remember the anniversary of your death cause i dnt want to. im still mad at you for taking your own life bestfriend, i miss you, and i love you. and it sucks cause im finally coming to NY to see you, and your not there. I love you look what i found in my photobucket.

oh yea britt mailed me your cologne, u smell aight.

i love you

Black Out Tour 2

i have been sooooo anxoius ready to write about this concert last night, first of all i will say that i hopped on the bandwagon. Iv'e been working at house of blues for a minute and ive seen great shows, but this has been the best PERFORMANCE. i was somewhat close to the stage at my work station, working at the beer tub. First it was some group i didnt know they were cool, then it was GhostFace and then It was

Method Man and Redman, and for the record i always thought Method man was fine cause of his strong jaws, and his raspy voice, anyways their performance was like a 1hr 30mn or longer cause they kept going. I've neverrrrrr seen a crowd actually jump up and down and rock side to side, ive never seen a performer actually jump into the crowd. Lol Red Man was dancing, and smoking weed on stage, Meth was dancing with him but it was so Nsync idk if thats a word but thts all i can think of.

It's funny cause everybody thught the show was gonna be cancelled cause at the last show meth got sewed for shooting a lady 6 times with a pellet gun (allegdly), anyways he was the bomb, even tho he kept putting water n his mouth and spitting it on the audience hehe, and coughing up sick lougees n spitting them on stage hahahah. then he ahhhhhhhhhhhh this was my favorite part. he jumped into the audience then he balanced himself in people hands so he could stand up, then he threw the wutang sign up, kinda reminded me of Jay and the Dynasty. Anyways he was the man, or should i say the M.E.T.H.O.D. Mannnnnn..

Then there was REDMAN, he was the bomb, he changed me point of view about "entertainers", who come to the shows late, with about 14 people on stage and they alll have mics showing off their chains having no energy , so he said he came to give us a show and thts just what he did. omg i fell in love last night he he i didnt know he could dance. He also jumped into the crowd, they were greaaaaaaaaaaaaat. I L O V E D the perfomance. i just had to buy a shirt.

Everybody was smoking, hell they were smoking on Stage i got high off second hand smoke, i didnt mind though :-].

Then the highlight of my night, i ended up standing ontop of the rail cause im short and i couldnt see shit, so at the end of the show while Red was talkin They shined the lighted and he squinted and looked at me and pointed his finger and said "YES I SEE YOU, YOU ARE FUCKIN BEAUTIFAL", thats when i made up my mind i had to buy a shirt or go to hell.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Damn, i was takin my dog for her daily walk like i usualy
do before i go to work and
its always this part in the sidewalk that
makes me trip EVERYTIME, like broken
cement after i tripped i started talkin to myself i was like "its cool aint nobody see
me" then about three minutes later i get a text sayying hey stacy u didnt speak,
and im like huh? i didnt see you, and he was like when u walk back look up. so i
walked up and he was on the damn ladder doing construction, which means he
saw me tragically trip ANDD heard me talkin to my self from a birds eye view,
gotsta be mo' careful.


Im gnna be super pissed, if Ellie Mae aint mah roomate August 24th 2009. hpmp. just cnt stay with strangers. Plus she has a serious mental case that i will not reveal.

-Stace O wit the Fro

-Damn D


-Que Que!

0925 :-]


I wish i could foward my dreams to other people, cause i hate when im having a good dream and i wake up and forget everything, instead i would just like to push the FW: button so they can get the inside scoop.
Or if i was intoxicated, or under the influence of somthng i could just foward my feeling to another person, then their would be world peace. hehe :-]

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Yea, i pretty much had one towards the end of the video.

this was already my favorite song off the album, and the video is just the icing on the cake.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Follow me at TWITTER!

it alll started with this damn bird, man i love facebook. but everybody is crossing over. i refuse to TWIT get TWEETED. its like a world wide thing, only the strong survive. and ima survivor. a No Limit Soldier, nope na uh, i aint gonna do it. and u bet not either danielle..:( i just cant do it. even tho everybody is doing it, its so tempting. but no!

even tho bird looks so sweet. and peaceful.

I'd like one.

Bottom of the P***y hole.

I know this song is old, but i just heard it like 2 weeks ago while smoking ..i mean while i was chillin and i was in complete awe. now basically the song about is him fuckin a girl, just a normal girl not wifey just a quick fuck and he put it on her, then the bitch got addicted to the dick.

Im pretty sure all girls have had that ONE yes i said ONE dude that had u feeling like this, but the key is to make it seem like they aint do shit, dnt become a super duper dick trooper, dnt blow they phone up, dnt become a stalker. just get it when you can. all tho the feeling is quite nice lol, just be cool. DAMN.

Baby, take off your cool.

Baby take off your cool, i wanna see you.

It irritates THE hell out of me when people just have to be "cool" all the time, i could never be genuwine friends,lovers, or whatever with somebody that just had to have that fake cool covering them all the time, i mean its okay to sneeze, cough, be yourself around me. hell i dnt like fake cool people anyways, im not even cool. but anyways i love this song from the idle wild sountrack..or maybe cause they were having sex during this scene :-)


Last year my school PVAMU Marched EIGHT miles last year..i mean my freshman year so our district would be able to vote. around the second mile i realized me foot started to ache, i checked for rocks constantly, then around the 7th mile, i realized i had walked that whole time with a 3 inch nail in my foot :/ went right threw the damn shoe, can you say ouch? at least we marched for the cause.


It seems like everybody has figured out what their God Given Talent is, but yet im still stuck searching for a distance. I was talkin to a friend today for a while, and she was telling be about her new line coming out and stuff and she wanted to be one of the models cause she knew i would feel her creations, and i said ofcourse cause i support any and everything you do. Then i was like "man im glad somebody finally discovered you, i wish i could figure out what my talent was" and she was like "you do have talent, thats the only reason i keep you updated on everything i do" that helped alot. but hmm i wonder what it is? when will i figure it out. i know its there because everybody seems to mention something about the pictures i take, the stuff i write, this and that this and that, but i guess ill figure it out in due time. i know my creativity will never go to waste, but its about time i put it to use..whenever i figure out what it is :-[

Anyways, this year at school i plan to be alot more productive, i LOVE the parties. but i really wanna take up some extracurricular activites, im pretty excited about my painting class, and i hope i have this class with bianca, i was texting her earlier about wanting to buy an easel to start painting, and we both agreed that we were broke haha.

You know what they say, a mind is a terrible thing to waste and i refuse to waste mine

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This Pic Gives Me Butterflies.

DeGrassi Wheelchair Curse?

poor drizzy:-[

i really hope this doesnt stop him from going on tour..he fell. :-[

hey love.

i hate when i see the bck of sombodys body, but they wnt turn around, i always wonder what he looks like. And i always daydream about being with HIM. i dunno who HE is cause he doesnt have a face, but i know hes a beautifal creature, i cant wait to meet him, i dnt even know his name. i dnt even know him. but hes my imaginary lover.


jammin. jam it. u like jam?

Dntcha just hate

...when your out, and your phone gets down to the last battery, and you have to preserve your text. knowing its gonna eventually die. :-(
but dntcha just love trey songz :-)
and this picture...

Let Me See it.

Okay so previously i blogged about Pimp forward a week.

So i work at House of Blues..i love that job, anyways the Kid Cudi/Asher Roth concert was the past friday. GREAAAAAAAAAAAT CONCERT not just cause of the concert, but our adventure, step into my night..

so that whole day i couldnt find shit to wear, ive convinced myself i have no clothes, so somebody needs to take me shopping.

So yea it was ME, Alica, Danielle, and Leigha. the crew for the night

Me and Danielle went to the bar..then they met us thts when it began...

this is what i ending up wearing...kinda cute..right?

We get inside, FREE remember cause i work there. and FREE drinks all night. lol bartenders mistake. Long island Iced Tea here Cranberry and Grey Goose There.alllllllllll night.

We sat down for Asher's performance, he did absolutley great i am now a bigger fan than i was before, after that we just went downstairs to wonder around and get more drinks

Idk how but Le worked her ass bck stage and all of us were like oh hellllll no lol. so We went bck to, and the security guard was like "why yall wristband blue?' and i was like " CAUSE I WORK HERE! lemme in" lol even tho i just found out if i woulda got caught bck there i woulda got terminated. anyways as soon as we walked back i see Kid Cudi, he dresses really cool. Then i walk even further back and end up Drinkin Ciroc and chillin in Asher Roths Room with the homies.

and being the fat ass i am, i just had to check for food. After that alicia had to pee so we walked out side, then bam. i see

Anyways, i was cool then i had a buzz, i was cool a nice alcoholic buzz, then all of a sudden i noticed the joint in his hand, after the pictures he passes it, i hit it, i hit it again, i cough, i look at it, then i pass it back as this is happening i hear kid cudi on stage. Then i slowly walk bck to the wall and thats when it hit me, i was spinning and spinning. to sum it up YES, he has THE best weed there is. whoa. anyways

After that, lol i got locked in the stairs for like twenty minutes idk how, alicia and danielle finally found me. i will never look at stairs the same.

This was an awesome night, i cant even put everything into words Alica was fun Leigha was fun Danielle was fun I was fun. The fun never ended.
-R.I.P Sweet Jones.