Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bottom of the P***y hole.

I know this song is old, but i just heard it like 2 weeks ago while smoking ..i mean while i was chillin and i was in complete awe. now basically the song about is him fuckin a girl, just a normal girl not wifey just a quick fuck and he put it on her, then the bitch got addicted to the dick.

Im pretty sure all girls have had that ONE yes i said ONE dude that had u feeling like this, but the key is to make it seem like they aint do shit, dnt become a super duper dick trooper, dnt blow they phone up, dnt become a stalker. just get it when you can. all tho the feeling is quite nice lol, just be cool. DAMN.

1 comment:

  1. lol shut the fuck up.
    im so mad at u for postin this shit.
    lmao, but i aint mad atcha tho.
    "w/ that same mouth you go hm & kiss ya kids"