Friday, July 31, 2009

Atliens Stankonia Spaceships.

"yall talk funny, are yall from the islands?"

Thursday, July 30, 2009

do it, do some hoe shit.

butt naked weds.

We Got the Munchiesssss.

uh oh, uh oh, i got the munchiessssss.

i never noticed.

dn't cha just hate when you buy a slush, then you drink all the juice out. and its just dry slush, and u dn't wanna buy another refill cause u got too much pride.

well i do.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Little Bit

..little bit in love with you. shes greaaat!!

bitter sweet

MOSTLY SWEET :-)....i love it.


i always knew i had the ability to be a pimp, but i have to thank this man right here. he taught me everything i know, threw his music. and threw his pimpulation dvd that one of you negro's stole. OH BUT I WILL FIND IT!!! i used to watch his dvd everyday, and now i have an appreciation for UGK that nobody can take away. R.I.P. Sweet Jones.

when i was walkin threw the club..smellin like drugs. all the hoes showed me love cuz im choppin on dubs.
-say mayne,

--quick story

it was like three weeks before school was about to let out and me and danielle were just up for no reason, idk if we were drunk or what. but baby slim jim came over.and he strait wrecked my room lookin for the dvd. anyways we went to danielles room and just watched i kept rewinding these two videos. ahhh the good days. we ..well i watched the dvd 324324 times.
-Pimp C.
Rest in Peace

Hi Hater

and i think everybody else should to, in a certain way. by the way you can see the shadow of me if u squint and look realllly close. i love haters, all opinions should be voiced.

hey mike.

hey love

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

by the way..

I noticed people like to read my blog yayyyy..BUT for the slow ones, i have OVER 80 post, not just the ones you see, so to view MORE look to the right, and click a topic OR look at the bottom AND CLICK OLDER POST. okayyyyy??
look over here >>>>>>.
or down here vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv


i came up with an idea. that prolly makes no sense whatsoever..maybe just makes sense to me. and IF THE laws just happen to be reading this..i was only joking. hehe DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUS...

Anyways, i was thinking like we all know how weed is illegal to bring in the airport, to ride with, and so forth.

So i was thinkin maybe the women could do it WHAT IF:

so we know how girls (black girls) get weaves, or wear wigs. and to do either you have to put a stocking cap on? if your getting a weave you have to:
  1. braid your hair
  2. put a stocking cap over that
  3. then braid the tracks into the braids into the stocking cap

so i was thinking..WHAT if you put some dime sacs up under the stocking cap. or what ever your drug of choice is. cause i figured i dnt think the cops would be smart enough to be like *mayum could you please take your wig off* or *mayum could you please get some scissors and cut those tracks up under your stocking cap so i could check for drugs??

okay none of this may make sense. AT ALL. but i thought it did :/

Im Bossy.

Soooo, i have love for NAS and KELIS but i honestly think Kelis hitting him up for $55,000 a month is way too much. the baby is like 3 days old. and it doesnt matter if the baby was 3 years old, a child does not need that much money. i understand she accustomed to living a certain way. but lets be serious, be REASONABLE.
Methed and Red's thoughts...preach.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Harriet was the bomb, maybe the reason why im so nosey now. oh how i love this movie.



come on.

come on baby, light my fire.
Yeah, yeah, I know you got a car,
but we should keep it in the lot
I got a urge to ride the train and do some walkin' in the rain
It sounds the same, but meditate it for the brain
Plus I like to get to see if you as crazy as you claim.

Miss Hart

  1. Miss Hart was born Aug. 12th in cleveland ohio
  2. Miss Hart has an afro.
  3. Miss Hart has light brown eyes
  4. Miss Hart has hidden tattoos
  5. Miss Hart has hidden piercings
  6. Miss Hart eats olives out the jar
  7. Miss Hart eats lemons by themself
  8. Miss Hart watches porn
  9. Miss Hart has secrets
  10. Miss Hart listens to music everyday
  11. Miss Hart has been to the bahamas twice
  12. Miss Hart wants her nails done
  13. Miss Hart crushes feelings
  14. Miss Hart likes cucumbers and tomatoes with salt vinager and pepper
  15. Miss Hart likes the taste of vinager
  16. Miss Hart is a psychology major
  17. Miss Hart writes poetry
  18. Miss Hart is a sucker for dimples and high cheek bones
  19. Miss Hart is a sucker for mean people
  20. Miss Hart has a lot of slow moments
  21. Miss Hart is listening to Lauryn Hill
  22. Miss Hart is in love with the wrong person.
  23. Miss Hart has stolen from every job she ever had
  24. Miss Hart pees in the shower.
  25. Miss Hart misses cleveland
  26. Miss Hart misses georgia
  27. Miss Hart has soft hair
  28. Mis
  29. Miss Hart paints her nails, just to peel it all off in class. never use polish remover
  30. Miss Hart may seem cool, but i do absolutley no cool stuff on my free time
  31. Mis Hart likes having good text.
  32. Miss Hart failed the same math class twice
  33. Miss Hart gets multiple plates when she visits the MSC
  34. Miss Hart used to be fat
  35. Miss Hart cant fake smile, she looks funny.
  36. Miss Hart drinks pickle juice.
  37. Miss Hart dnt dance no mo, all i do is this
  38. Miss Hart makes her own gang signs.
  39. Miss Hart hates making decisionss Hart will keep her last name when she gets married.
  40. Miss Hart got the idea of Miss Hart, from Miss Hill.

hellz yeah.

at my job?
for the free?
am i going?
helllll yeaaaa!!!!!
first show ill actually get to ENJOY at work. last time i took off for a show, i had to leave early due to excessive drinking. that will NOT happen this time.


love is a choice NOT an obsession.

you people need to remember that.

just wondering..

i always wondered:
if somebody was handicapped, and they had to move around in a wheel chair, what if all of a sudden they got arthirits in their hands, how would they push them selves around?

Who Wore Them better?

id say beyonce, only cause ciara's toes are hanging off of the shoe.


financial aid FINALLY kicked in.

sheesh finally i had to blow up they phone for a whole month.

with that done, im ready to get bck to the yard, get bck to the freedom, get bck to the msc.

i just miss PV..YOU KNOW!

lame. cant believe its about to be my 3rd year, i think i should be involved more this year join stuff, actually take the free trips.

Alot of people have bad stuff to say about pv, and i dnt thin they will truly understand unless they actually attend school. then some of the people that actually attend the school still dnt like it and end up leaving, i guess im just one of those people who actually likes it. *shrugs shoulders*

anyways im ready to hit the yard. engage in anonymous activites hehe.

i must admit, pv is very unorganized tho

Friday, July 24, 2009


went live...then went home

mayne, it went what? it went dine. haha this was the most fun i have had in a while. (not in that kinda way) but anyways me and danielle and que que started makin our togas the day before haha. and i kept getting toga block, i couldnt think of shit to do. til the day of i just started ripping stuff up and came up with this. we were cute!

and im surprised the shit aint fall apart. anyways got there, peeped the scene. then i accidently spilled a monster drink allllll over this girl, i mean i said my bad. it wasnt much i could do after that. the damage was already done. i saw some things i prolly shouldnt have saw, but i aint gnna put nobody out there. to sum it all all toga was a blast..but i didnt get that blast. dnt get it twisted.

by the end of the night im gonna be COMPLETLEY HONEST i

peed in public places

walked threw mud

lost a shoe

lost danielles earrings

couldnt see

drank whatever was handed to me

saw somebody get shot

saw somebody pass out
spilled drinks on people



but it was all together a heck of a night.

by the way, i like watermelon. has nothing to do with anything tho.


this is the epitome of ratchett. (well me) she still look decent.
sad thing is people STILL go to the clubs in this.

Today I ....

  • ate a baked potatoe
  • burped uncontrollably
  • combed my hair :/
  • haha that last one was funny
  • tried to view peoples albums by tagged friends
  • hurt some ones feelings
  • went to eat with a mexican, he was cool
  • put lip gloss and mascara on to sit my ass right bck in front of the computer
  • ran from a lizard
  • browse music
  • text all day
  • danced in the shower
  • checked my bank account
  • thought of a master plan
  • fantisized
  • burped
  • rode the train to work
  • ate the last breakfast biscuit
  • got off work said to my self "okay imma just check my facebook, then lay down" that was two hours ago :/
  • called financial aid bout the same stuff at least 3 times
  • then called them back just to have somebody to talk to while i was walkin by somebody i wanted to act like i didnt notice
  • wiped the counters down
  • tried to hack
  • tried to mack
  • sold crack
  • smoked a black
  • okay i did none of that but it rhymed.
  • listened to maxwell, lauren hill, bone thugs n harmony,
  • drank 151 at work. i really should stop.
  • thought about weed.
  • i should logg off now. i prolly wont. ill prolly keep posting.


So today before work i accidently ended up watching the tip drill video. ha i remember my dude friends used to stay up late to watch the video...then there was the P-poppin video. both had exclusive nutidy freakishly whoreish bomb then i thought to my self. "i said self" which ones gets the guys happy. i wouldnt know cause ima girl. what makes your peter wacker riseeeeee??
here comes the compettion

NELLY-tip drip (fast forward 18 seconds)

(right here is supposed to be the video, but all the embeds are disabled..whaddd the fawkkkk) the replacement video

this is all i could find haha


nigga whudd

i miss you jodii

idk her..but she tite.

i had hair..shout outs to my south pole furry hood jacket
i had fun..

I think...

All boys.

should live

in a

girls lap

at least once.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


lets get life lol

then go to the beach

then color.

Miseducation of Stacy

its 10:20, and im jamming the miseducation of lauryn hill. classic cd. im about to just write who knows what will come out? well today ive realized that when talkin to boys majority of them arent meant to be, i mean the feelings were there yea im not gonna deny that, but i dnt think im a normal girl, cause i dnt have to have a boyfriend, as long as i have somebody who occasionaly txt me, kisses me when they see me, and we have a mutual understanding im fine with that. it mind sound strange but hey thats me, dnt judge me, because like i said you will NEVER understand me. since my last relationship failed my mentality slowly turned into a niggas mentality. it was like that before him, and when we were together i put it on pause, and now its back. i just find my self happier alone. i call it "evaluating the male species" shout outs to ______. at the end of the day, i believe im unnatainable and im meant to be a good friend. hmm maybe ill get into that later. cant spill all the beans, lets just say dnt fall for me, because i wnt fall for you until you totally ignore me, then everything will suck :/ most things dnt bother me and if they do youll never know, cause weakness, is a sign of WEAKness.

-secret...i do wanna be held everyonce in a while, i just dont like being committed to someone.

stacy oh stacy.

get thou life together.

now i think about it, ive talked to people, but broke it off before they said the r word (relationship) cant handle it.and i dnt want it, i dnt even like holding hands. plus im against relationships in college anyways. call me scared. i call it stacy. thats just me. lets just be friends..with benifits. i dnt mind.

ill find him one day, but i dnt want to now

shout outs to juno, i think i like her, i think shes like me.
you love me now dont you? you have no choice but to.

First Impressions

First impressions dnt mean much to me,

because im not what people expect.

-noooooooooooooooooo, i DONT smoke cigs. it was just for the pic.

Master P.

its crazy how you can find a good friend threw good paint. Brian Pitts or "Masterpiece" but i call him (arm pitts, master p, and i forgot what member of bnth i used to sayhe looked like) anyways he paints good right? if you want a shirt done his number is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ okay im not gonna do that he'd kill me. but hes ONE of the best painters in Basik Art, you should get at him, even tho he prolly wont respond because hes anti social. maybe if you throw in a lupe mixtape or a classic bonethugs and harmony cd hell talk. there is a story to be told, but i'd rather not tell it. instead ill introduce you to him. even tho we dnt get along haha.

my homie fo lyfeeeeeee. p.s. i MISPLACED your lauren hill cd...sorry?
its all love tho.


i like it

people said the same thing when i cut mine...i give her six months and it will be cute.

i wonder if shes keeping it short or not. either way faded or nappy i think its cute. fuck off.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Cant Feel My Face

dr. evil.

the prognosis.
the material.
the contraption.

THE pic of the day to make me feel better..even tho i cnt feel my face.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i Chooz You.

I admit, i used to hate on Tiny and T.i.'s relationship, because of the simple fact that i thought she let her self go since the Excape group, and cause T.i. sends tingles up my spine cause of that scar up under his lip, and his lip licking, and hes so DAMN sexy to me. anddd his accent. anyways. after watching the show its obvious that they both have love for eachother, and she cuts for him just like he cute for her. even tho she looks like miss. piggy so what, you cant help who you love. but hes still my boo. and im ready for him to get out of jail.

shout outs to EXSCAPE..i used to love that group. hope i spelled it right. so yea she was famous before sheven met him, she may look like miss piggy but heyy..she accepts everything about him too. her and her weaVW


i love him, he makes me. gosh..

Classic hit from ya girl..

at the end of the day, the names of the songs are HOTEL and LITTLE SECRET which means, if you EVER wanan EXSCAPE after you get out of jail. i promise i wont tell anybody *blushes*


doesnt this make you smile :)

jada n pac


this really upsets me. poor little girl, we all know that when dealing with natural unpermed hair. especially childrens hair you cant just comb threw it like that dry with nothing in it, now i know why she is screaming like that. her dumb ass mama. put some water and grease on her head, hold it do something. smh.

Kid Cudi Ft. Kanye Poke Her Face

Monday, July 20, 2009



Also, Solange Knowles is about sick of people talking smack about Beyonce to her face. Check out what she had to say below:
…Sick of people thinking I’m gonna be my sisters enemy.You are FAR out of line.Take your fake “love and healing “somewhere else. Next person who hits me with some negative energy about my sister is gonna get Fox news all over again.Ya hear!
Don’t try to love ME becuz u want 2 be the “anti Beyonce”.I am the “all for” Beyonce.Now kiss both of our Knowles asses if u don’t like it! Call me whatever u want to, but next time I say “yo momma….” don’t flinch. See how u feel. Now back to your regular scheduled programming. I’m back in the booth creating & she is somewhere shutting down a sold out show:) kisses…Her twitter vent was in response to someone asking her to make Beyonce go away forever. Solange went gutter on the chick but my girls would do the same. I know my sister would be ready to straight choke a bish if someone came at her talking smack about me! That’s what family is for


yeaa yeaa baby we got this..booyaw! Classic movie. still got it on Vhs.
"if they ask how are you" you say. living large and takin charge.


or teleprompter?

summer time boob growth.

I remember bck in middle school, every summer i just KNEW that by the time school started, i was gonna have some boobs ( i cant say the word breast, or penis yuck) anyways, i just knew that i would get some growth, i thought i was a late bloomer. but they never came. that sucks. but i refuse to get implants like my friend, hers look real tho. i touched the top, they feel real too. but i guess i gotta settle for my 34b's lol. ill be okay. i guess my ass makes up for it. yeh buddy.