Wednesday, July 29, 2009


i always knew i had the ability to be a pimp, but i have to thank this man right here. he taught me everything i know, threw his music. and threw his pimpulation dvd that one of you negro's stole. OH BUT I WILL FIND IT!!! i used to watch his dvd everyday, and now i have an appreciation for UGK that nobody can take away. R.I.P. Sweet Jones.

when i was walkin threw the club..smellin like drugs. all the hoes showed me love cuz im choppin on dubs.
-say mayne,

--quick story

it was like three weeks before school was about to let out and me and danielle were just up for no reason, idk if we were drunk or what. but baby slim jim came over.and he strait wrecked my room lookin for the dvd. anyways we went to danielles room and just watched i kept rewinding these two videos. ahhh the good days. we ..well i watched the dvd 324324 times.
-Pimp C.
Rest in Peace

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