Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3rd Floor

i got off work and said i was gonna go walk in the library, i walked around. everytime i tried to leave i found a new book to look at. then i was about to leave again, and i found this window. and the table. so i pulled my computer out.

25th Hour

i like this guy


"Strange how you stopped loving me, when she came along"

It's Been a Few Months

you remember me love..?

Great Day

We had alotta fun Monday,


I already hate holding hands but anyways,
i DONT understand WHY he's holding her purse.

Out My Mind

Just In Time

No Regrets

This is what i think bout it'
Walking down the street with no make up, showing all her imperfections. Stocking cap And bags under her eyes. That woman is beautiful. I thought the video needed no more effort then what she already gave. I mean seriously who wants to see another video directed in the direction of mainstream. The nudity symbolized her stripping herself of all her insecurities. She confronted her fears of not loving her body, and confronted the fears of not being accepted period. It takes alot to grow up and actually be yourself.
I don't think Erykah went anywhere, she's still the same person she's just growing as a person. You cant disagree with that. And if you do, your one of the people she was talking about in the message. But to each it's own, i can understand why some people disagree with the video.
Yes it was a public place, she shared her private thoughts.
i cant do nothing but love that.
Now it's my turn to confront my fears/insecurities.
By the way, the video wasnt even directed. It was inspired.


this young man is gonna do something, and i'm ready.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sharam Ft. Kid Cudi

random i stumbled upon this, but i likes this.


His Mind is Beautiful

"so you kinda gotta rewire everything into being comfortable with being uncomfortable"


So i JUST blogged about them, and how i missed home. Then i switch websites, and saw this :/

Flesh N Bone
Damn you

I'm Thinkin

i love how they stay open late, on the inside. Thats convienent. Cause in the drive thru they trip over multiple orders.

All i need

At Work:

well really just my headphones, cause i cant sit and listen to these people



stupid people thought this pic was unsavable, aha. Print Screen:

Thuggish Ruggish

Foe The Love

Is the city, where i


this makes me :-)

Speed Limit 25


The Foreign Exchange


so instead, i'll go on a music spree:


Influenced By:



i knw this is like my 4th time blogging about this, but so what. It's my blog.

Red X

So right now Blogspot is annoying me. Well, for the past 10 min it has,i keep refreshing the page to look at pix and that box with the red x keeps popping up. Im gonna try again...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Window Seat

Okay, so i absolutely LOVE this video, i LOVE this song. AND i LOVE the fact that i get to see Erykah Badu's naked beautiful'ness. Just released 28 min ago on

1.Click the Anykh
2. Enjoy the video!

Friday, March 26, 2010

6th Street

My Chick Bad Remix

It was interesting to see 4 different female rappers in 1 video
(ATL,Miami,Philly,New York)

Eve Eve come back

When Boredom


Thursday, March 25, 2010

True Story

Do Not Enter

Fellas, next time you think about forcing yourself on a girl, just know you can enter. But when you exit your lil penis will be SLICED. :-]

Take 1

Nobody Want's To Hang

Gon' Girl

These Two

I'm coming nxt time


Wish You were here right now, but you're there. And there does'nt know how lucky it is.

George Bush


-"i call bckseat window"




Cookie Jar


You wanna rumble with the bee huh?


Back When

Back when i actually enjoyed Alicia Keys


  • I want a shit load of crawfish, potatoes corn.
  • I want to dye a section of my hair, not alot.
  • I want an instrument.
  • I want that nigga
  • I want some quesidillas
  • I want those mixtapes to drop
  • I want some strawberry's
  • I want Peace
  • I want the Truth
  • I want to cuddle..sometimes
  • I want to learn
  • I want some chucks
  • I want to give JJ a hug
  • I want some Mucho Mango
  • I want one night only
  • I want you, to get THE fuck out of my head.
  • I want what i want
  • Am i gonna get it?

Lauras Tape

While i was in Austin for Spring Break i ended up with like 30 mixtapes from everywhere. I told myself i was gonna listen to them. But the thing is, with me depending on the cover of your mixtape, that determines if i wan't to listen to it or not. This one caught my attention, im jamming it right now. And i must say it's pretty nice.

I'm a Listener

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sara Smile

Jackie Chan

I didn't knw bout him, but i ran into this lil' Country Asian Named "Jackie Chan" in ATX.

He's cool, real cool.

Naw, but foreal. Your gonna hear about him.
Huntsville, Alabama
"wht chu mean i cant rep bama?, i love bama"