Wednesday, December 30, 2009


tight ass video, i admire yall.

Mos Def inatley

Follow My Directions

1. Listen to this skit:

2. Listen to this song:

quick story: i was in danielles car, after a night of ______fun. And then this skit came on, and i listened to it like 6 times. Then the song faded right in after. I amost cried. Why you ask? i just did ..idk. well yea i do. beautiful


The way i was feeling in this pic, is bout' the way im feelin right now.

text me text me

when you make it to the roof

ill be on my way, to be accurate.

i have no idea what i just said, which is why i say, im feelin the way i felt in this pic.

i love you Maryiah Jane

Cant Help But Look

-gotsta step my tatt game up.

Amber Rose.

shes gorgeous. with/without hair.
can i ____


i love dogs, and i dont like humans that dnt like dogs. And i dnt like the fact that humans suggest that dogs cant see in color like humans do. how the fck would you know?

my cool ass homies.



So Yesterday im sittin at this table right, eating as usual.

And this dude just keeps staring at me.

then he was like

Him: Yo, you look like your really crazy
Me: Damn, foreal? how
Him:Whens the last time you had a boyfriend?
Me: My 12th grade year.
Him: You just look like if you caught your dude cheating you would go to jail.
Me: lol, na
Him: Well why did you and your boyfriend break up.
Me: He cheated
Him: what you do?
Me: Nothing, no reason to. We just broke up.

Dayum do i REALLY look that crazy?

maybe people are just scared of my hair, dont be.

Homegirl's from Home

i look like a friggin cat..


What is Adult ADD/ADHD?
Adult ADD/ADHD, as in children, is characterized by excessive inattentiveness, impulsiveness and hyperactivity. While in children, hyperactivity is often displayed as constant squirming and moving, in adults it may be more of a constant feeling of restlessness and agitation. Extreme procrastination, disorganization, trouble making deadlines, and impulsive behavior is common. While most of us have challenges in these areas, someone with Adult ADD/ADHD has these problems constantly, in good times and in bad, and often to the despair of loved ones

now im not sure if i have it, but ill give examples of why i think i have 1 of the 2.

  1. I cant concentrate in class, no matter how hard i try.
  2. If i walk by a crunchy leaf and i dont step on it, it bothers me all day.
  3. If the teacher doesnt erase everything off the board. I get anxious.
  4. I always wanna blurt stuff out.
  5. I forget stuff too easy, but i remember stuff that happend along time ago
  6. No matter how hard i try, i cant be organized.
  7. i have to take pictures of everything, to save the image.
  8. I have stuff going threw my head at all times. so i save everything to my phone.
  9. I always start day dreaming when people are talking to me.
  10. I have trouble making sudden descisions.
  11. If something is about to happen, i get really anxious before during and after.
  12. i cant tell you this one.
  13. I have a problem inturrupting people when thier talking, so i can talk
  14. i have the WORST studdering problem, when i get excited.
  15. If its a cd cover, i have to bend it all the way outwards til it almost pops
  16. I procrastinate very bad, if somethings due ill wait til the day before to do it.
  17. If i have to sit somewhere for a long time, i start squirming.

18. i have alot of impulsive urges. if they dont get fulfilled. I get anxious

19. Maybe thats why i cant have a relationship. i cant stay with one dude for too long.

But maybe i dont, who knows.



Mom: When you going back to school?
Me: Jan 15th
Mom: whewwww got dayummmmm
good to know your happy im home :/

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dream Car

Wish Urkel had room for one more. :)


do not get sick stacy, shake it off. mayne.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ice Cold

You sang the song Prototype, so You The man.

it could all be so simple, but WE'D rather make it hard.

Drain You

One baby says to another says- im lucky to have met you . I don't care what you think unless it is about me. It is now my duty to completly drain you. I travel through a tube and end up in your infection.

Sleep on Me

Sleep on me

You'll be late for class.

Your hair and your nails just as Phony as your smile, fake eye lashes
you drew your eyebrows. It make a brother ask do you pride yourself?
Your make-up like a mask tryna' hide yourself. Seems on the
outside you thinkin you the shit. But it's a soul thats inside that you aint even knew exsist.
So you so outta touch that the world mistreat you ....

Stop Hiding From Me. Pt. 1

im not gonna stalk you .. :)

Context Clues.



let your hair down baby.

Yall Are Starting To Suck.

Best Rapper Alive

I den came down

Strait outta town

Ya Bitch ass round

Imma knock her down

Dont Play no games

My flow is insane

I just wrecked the mic

now gimme my change

i could have got signed off of that. smh.
Makes me really angry that i know people that are dedicated to their craft. and people like me would get signed off of that .

I was talking to myself, and my friends. And i was telling us how i can't listen to certain music while im under the influence. Because when i am i concentrate really hard on ALL the lyrics, i break down everything they say. Sometimes its like "damn this is that shit, im in love" but other times its like "damn, this is shit, wtf is this?" *cough cough* i CAN'T listen to Dougie music when im high. like my head will blow up.

Wake up

  1. My dog always wakes me up to pee. EARLY
  2. Check my phone for Text/Missed calls. None= damn. Some=smile
  3. Lay there for 30 more seconds.
  4. Mom= "Stacyyyyy take her outside"
  5. Take her out
  6. Come bck and attempt to lay down
  7. Face it, your up for the day.
  9. Check,
  10. Im addicted to my blog
  11. Check Facebook.
  12. go bck to
  13. Read my saved messages from that night to remember what i was thinking.
  14. Misselaneous stuff..i know i spelled that wrong.

jammin muzak.

Failure to Launch

On the edge, then the battery dies.
You know me so well.January is only
a name of a month. I was born in August.


When i go see him AGAIN in Feb. if he even plays jst a lil sample of this song,it's over.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Today's Movie Day

Wild Things

Out of Sight


As i was in the backseat of my sisters car, i looked to the right. I saw 3 little girls in the back seat. A mama in the front, and maybe the older daughter in the passenger seat. I think the girls were atleast 9years old and YOUNGER. All of them had quick weaves...why?

Saturday, December 26, 2009


im jamming so hard right now, your jamming _______ im jamming oldies, Al Green Bobby Womack, Maze etc.

LIL bow wow

back when he was my man

i love you.

there was absolutley NO talking after i got this plate. you see that? all those colors?

Ask George

I asked George:
Angelina Jolie:


Kim Kardashian:



I couldn't agree more. :)

that woman is beautiful. SO IS KIM! but ...sheesh


So the other day, my friend called me and was like "eyy i know you at home not doing shit, i was gonna stop by and see you" now normally i dnt like people coming to mi casa cause it aint shit to do. but we went to the 8th floor roof where we could see the skyline of houston and sat up there talking for like a hour. I needed that. It wasnt even cold that day, just warm and windy.. i like that.
warm and windy.

victim of getting my name as my first tattoo lol, 2007

d a n g e r
you gon' love me man.
-the end.


yea, so as usual. i got sick and had to sleep in the car due to excessive alcohol drinking. i have to remember next time drinking strait from the bottle doesnt count as taking shots. :-/

i was cute tho :)

photos by:

-i dnt care, even tho i like her. she talks about sexy sex sex in all her songs. but i still think shes insecure. I can just tell. either that or she hasnt found her sexy. and her stylist should be shot. she was so much prettier before all this barbie shit

Friday, December 25, 2009

Damn Patti

...I wish you were a stranger i could disengage.
get OUT my head boy...

Merry Christmas

i didn't get anything, i wasn't really expecting anything though.
"Merry Christmas people! if you dont have gifts to open, open your mind, open your hart...Open up to something new and maybe things may change"
-Love, Vesta.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Currently Jamming Lil' Keke

And Staring at These, I found you Yeezy.



Hey Stacy ur on Solange's Blog Page!
Thu Dec. 24, 10:01pm

Top Mobile Uploads Of The Day

-somebody buy me a real camera already, this camera phone can only do so much. AND it doesnt flash in the dark.