Wednesday, December 30, 2009


What is Adult ADD/ADHD?
Adult ADD/ADHD, as in children, is characterized by excessive inattentiveness, impulsiveness and hyperactivity. While in children, hyperactivity is often displayed as constant squirming and moving, in adults it may be more of a constant feeling of restlessness and agitation. Extreme procrastination, disorganization, trouble making deadlines, and impulsive behavior is common. While most of us have challenges in these areas, someone with Adult ADD/ADHD has these problems constantly, in good times and in bad, and often to the despair of loved ones

now im not sure if i have it, but ill give examples of why i think i have 1 of the 2.

  1. I cant concentrate in class, no matter how hard i try.
  2. If i walk by a crunchy leaf and i dont step on it, it bothers me all day.
  3. If the teacher doesnt erase everything off the board. I get anxious.
  4. I always wanna blurt stuff out.
  5. I forget stuff too easy, but i remember stuff that happend along time ago
  6. No matter how hard i try, i cant be organized.
  7. i have to take pictures of everything, to save the image.
  8. I have stuff going threw my head at all times. so i save everything to my phone.
  9. I always start day dreaming when people are talking to me.
  10. I have trouble making sudden descisions.
  11. If something is about to happen, i get really anxious before during and after.
  12. i cant tell you this one.
  13. I have a problem inturrupting people when thier talking, so i can talk
  14. i have the WORST studdering problem, when i get excited.
  15. If its a cd cover, i have to bend it all the way outwards til it almost pops
  16. I procrastinate very bad, if somethings due ill wait til the day before to do it.
  17. If i have to sit somewhere for a long time, i start squirming.

18. i have alot of impulsive urges. if they dont get fulfilled. I get anxious

19. Maybe thats why i cant have a relationship. i cant stay with one dude for too long.

But maybe i dont, who knows.


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