Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To Be Honest

It's just some people that really annoy me, personality wise. I know they have good intention's and i recognize that. BUT when i see that Eww in you more then i see the Ahh in you that turns into a, #Wammy

Sincerely, idk if that made any sense. But it did to me


Right Now



Make Em' Say

Welcome Back

Bad Mama Jamma

This is beautiful, this WOMAN is 72 years young. and she looks like this:
Babe Alert:

Aint Shit Cute

No really, this freaked me out.

i'm wack, i dnt even have nobody to say this to. but imma front

This Tree, we climbed that hoe. It grows funny. i like it

Today, my friend told me she was gonna write a list. A list of all the quality's she wanted in a man. And if he didnt meet them it was a no no. And i said "Na, i can't do that. Cause when you do you end up getting everything you don't want"
And another thing, i dont have a "type" cause when i think about it. Each dude i talk to is COMPLETLY different from the last one.

I'ts Supposed To Bubble


Walk This Way

Girl, You better do that.


"The Driver, And the Nigga I Ride Wit'"


Damn D

"One thing i know, and 2thangs fasho..I need that mic"

To Be Honest

I'm still recovering from the concert Monday.

Lupe Fiaso

To be honest with you, it's so much i wanna say about the Lupe concert. But i cant, i cant because i'm gonna have an anxiety attack. i'll just say i LOVE this man. I've been to alot of concerts in my life but he puts his HART into all of his words. I felt energy in the whole damn room. Only thing that broke my hart was that he didnt play Sunshine, but if he did no lie i would have jumped off the balcany.
Lemme say this again, I can't fully talk about the concert because i'm gonna get sad because im not there anymore but i can tell you this:
1.I love this man
2.I love that man
3."The driver, and the nigga i ride with"
4.After the concert i rapped the entire night
5.This was a great night
9.After the concert............. :-)

I have to stop doing this, it's there. Then i think it's gonna be bad so i kinda make it go bad. My mind is my weapon and i keep killing the thought of you. I'll stop doing that.


Is not for me

Didn't Cha Know

My eyes are green, cause i eat alot of vegetables.


The Shuttle:
The white vans that commute around campus for the lazy students ( like myself). No lie, i can sit on the shuttle for hours. JUST for the ride
Side note- shirt was 1$

We Have A Problem

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busta Rhymes y Janet Jackson

yall, this used to be my mthafckin JAM

Adina Howard - Freak Like Me

Tela- Sho Nuff


hoes wit' no clothes showin love, shakin that ass in the

The Panties


My mama should have put me in gymnastics, says Moscato

Lets Go

6 Saki bomb shots
1 glass of wine
3 beers
I'm goood
I scare myself


THEM: specially' little one


So last night me and homies performed live. ( burst out lauging right here). At some place where my friend had his fashion show. Anyways, me being me i snuck away from the crowd and went upstairs .I loved upstairs- It was some dudes name Wasi (gorgeous GROWN man with dreads) and a dude named drummerpoet(bald white dude) Anyways, i was kinda drunk. Ended up dancing with no worries like a hippie. Grabbed the drums beat a little. Then i grabbed the mic :-) Now i know i can't sing. But we still had a crowd. That was beautiful, all two people that watched.
"Can i smoke ya wee-heeeed, cause i aint got no money!"

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fan Tan Stic

How Long

Q: How long should you wait to have sex?
A: Wait til YOU'RE ready, whether it be tomorrow or in 6 months. Shit, you were ready.


When people make a HUGE deal trying to convince me, and themselves that "they are done with a person/situation" Then they go back to it. Just keep all that bullshit in your brain. We all do it, but still just dnt talk about it. Makes you seem weak, and i'll never take you serious.


Your weave should NEVER look like this, and if it does. Take that shit OUTSincerely, this horrible wig.




We were sitting in the living room, and you were sketching something. Then you balled it up and threw it in the trash. I asked you why? You said cause you didn't like it. Oh no, i picked it up out the trash. And it now hangs on my wall.