Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lupe Fiaso

To be honest with you, it's so much i wanna say about the Lupe concert. But i cant, i cant because i'm gonna have an anxiety attack. i'll just say i LOVE this man. I've been to alot of concerts in my life but he puts his HART into all of his words. I felt energy in the whole damn room. Only thing that broke my hart was that he didnt play Sunshine, but if he did no lie i would have jumped off the balcany.
Lemme say this again, I can't fully talk about the concert because i'm gonna get sad because im not there anymore but i can tell you this:
1.I love this man
2.I love that man
3."The driver, and the nigga i ride with"
4.After the concert i rapped the entire night
5.This was a great night
9.After the concert............. :-)

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