Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No Regrets

This is what i think bout it'
Walking down the street with no make up, showing all her imperfections. Stocking cap And bags under her eyes. That woman is beautiful. I thought the video needed no more effort then what she already gave. I mean seriously who wants to see another video directed in the direction of mainstream. The nudity symbolized her stripping herself of all her insecurities. She confronted her fears of not loving her body, and confronted the fears of not being accepted period. It takes alot to grow up and actually be yourself.
I don't think Erykah went anywhere, she's still the same person she's just growing as a person. You cant disagree with that. And if you do, your one of the people she was talking about in the message. But to each it's own, i can understand why some people disagree with the video.
Yes it was a public place, she shared her private thoughts.
i cant do nothing but love that.
Now it's my turn to confront my fears/insecurities.
By the way, the video wasnt even directed. It was inspired.

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