Thursday, July 23, 2009

Miseducation of Stacy

its 10:20, and im jamming the miseducation of lauryn hill. classic cd. im about to just write who knows what will come out? well today ive realized that when talkin to boys majority of them arent meant to be, i mean the feelings were there yea im not gonna deny that, but i dnt think im a normal girl, cause i dnt have to have a boyfriend, as long as i have somebody who occasionaly txt me, kisses me when they see me, and we have a mutual understanding im fine with that. it mind sound strange but hey thats me, dnt judge me, because like i said you will NEVER understand me. since my last relationship failed my mentality slowly turned into a niggas mentality. it was like that before him, and when we were together i put it on pause, and now its back. i just find my self happier alone. i call it "evaluating the male species" shout outs to ______. at the end of the day, i believe im unnatainable and im meant to be a good friend. hmm maybe ill get into that later. cant spill all the beans, lets just say dnt fall for me, because i wnt fall for you until you totally ignore me, then everything will suck :/ most things dnt bother me and if they do youll never know, cause weakness, is a sign of WEAKness.

-secret...i do wanna be held everyonce in a while, i just dont like being committed to someone.

stacy oh stacy.

get thou life together.

now i think about it, ive talked to people, but broke it off before they said the r word (relationship) cant handle it.and i dnt want it, i dnt even like holding hands. plus im against relationships in college anyways. call me scared. i call it stacy. thats just me. lets just be friends..with benifits. i dnt mind.

ill find him one day, but i dnt want to now

shout outs to juno, i think i like her, i think shes like me.
you love me now dont you? you have no choice but to.

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