Tuesday, July 28, 2009


i came up with an idea. that prolly makes no sense whatsoever..maybe just makes sense to me. and IF THE laws just happen to be reading this..i was only joking. hehe DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUS...

Anyways, i was thinking like we all know how weed is illegal to bring in the airport, to ride with, and so forth.

So i was thinkin maybe the women could do it WHAT IF:

so we know how girls (black girls) get weaves, or wear wigs. and to do either you have to put a stocking cap on? if your getting a weave you have to:
  1. braid your hair
  2. put a stocking cap over that
  3. then braid the tracks into the braids into the stocking cap

so i was thinking..WHAT if you put some dime sacs up under the stocking cap. or what ever your drug of choice is. cause i figured i dnt think the cops would be smart enough to be like *mayum could you please take your wig off* or *mayum could you please get some scissors and cut those tracks up under your stocking cap so i could check for drugs??

okay none of this may make sense. AT ALL. but i thought it did :/

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