Monday, July 27, 2009


financial aid FINALLY kicked in.

sheesh finally i had to blow up they phone for a whole month.

with that done, im ready to get bck to the yard, get bck to the freedom, get bck to the msc.

i just miss PV..YOU KNOW!

lame. cant believe its about to be my 3rd year, i think i should be involved more this year join stuff, actually take the free trips.

Alot of people have bad stuff to say about pv, and i dnt thin they will truly understand unless they actually attend school. then some of the people that actually attend the school still dnt like it and end up leaving, i guess im just one of those people who actually likes it. *shrugs shoulders*

anyways im ready to hit the yard. engage in anonymous activites hehe.

i must admit, pv is very unorganized tho

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