Friday, July 24, 2009


went live...then went home

mayne, it went what? it went dine. haha this was the most fun i have had in a while. (not in that kinda way) but anyways me and danielle and que que started makin our togas the day before haha. and i kept getting toga block, i couldnt think of shit to do. til the day of i just started ripping stuff up and came up with this. we were cute!

and im surprised the shit aint fall apart. anyways got there, peeped the scene. then i accidently spilled a monster drink allllll over this girl, i mean i said my bad. it wasnt much i could do after that. the damage was already done. i saw some things i prolly shouldnt have saw, but i aint gnna put nobody out there. to sum it all all toga was a blast..but i didnt get that blast. dnt get it twisted.

by the end of the night im gonna be COMPLETLEY HONEST i

peed in public places

walked threw mud

lost a shoe

lost danielles earrings

couldnt see

drank whatever was handed to me

saw somebody get shot

saw somebody pass out
spilled drinks on people



but it was all together a heck of a night.

by the way, i like watermelon. has nothing to do with anything tho.

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