Friday, July 24, 2009

Today I ....

  • ate a baked potatoe
  • burped uncontrollably
  • combed my hair :/
  • haha that last one was funny
  • tried to view peoples albums by tagged friends
  • hurt some ones feelings
  • went to eat with a mexican, he was cool
  • put lip gloss and mascara on to sit my ass right bck in front of the computer
  • ran from a lizard
  • browse music
  • text all day
  • danced in the shower
  • checked my bank account
  • thought of a master plan
  • fantisized
  • burped
  • rode the train to work
  • ate the last breakfast biscuit
  • got off work said to my self "okay imma just check my facebook, then lay down" that was two hours ago :/
  • called financial aid bout the same stuff at least 3 times
  • then called them back just to have somebody to talk to while i was walkin by somebody i wanted to act like i didnt notice
  • wiped the counters down
  • tried to hack
  • tried to mack
  • sold crack
  • smoked a black
  • okay i did none of that but it rhymed.
  • listened to maxwell, lauren hill, bone thugs n harmony,
  • drank 151 at work. i really should stop.
  • thought about weed.
  • i should logg off now. i prolly wont. ill prolly keep posting.

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