Saturday, August 8, 2009

Black Out Tour 2

i have been sooooo anxoius ready to write about this concert last night, first of all i will say that i hopped on the bandwagon. Iv'e been working at house of blues for a minute and ive seen great shows, but this has been the best PERFORMANCE. i was somewhat close to the stage at my work station, working at the beer tub. First it was some group i didnt know they were cool, then it was GhostFace and then It was

Method Man and Redman, and for the record i always thought Method man was fine cause of his strong jaws, and his raspy voice, anyways their performance was like a 1hr 30mn or longer cause they kept going. I've neverrrrrr seen a crowd actually jump up and down and rock side to side, ive never seen a performer actually jump into the crowd. Lol Red Man was dancing, and smoking weed on stage, Meth was dancing with him but it was so Nsync idk if thats a word but thts all i can think of.

It's funny cause everybody thught the show was gonna be cancelled cause at the last show meth got sewed for shooting a lady 6 times with a pellet gun (allegdly), anyways he was the bomb, even tho he kept putting water n his mouth and spitting it on the audience hehe, and coughing up sick lougees n spitting them on stage hahahah. then he ahhhhhhhhhhhh this was my favorite part. he jumped into the audience then he balanced himself in people hands so he could stand up, then he threw the wutang sign up, kinda reminded me of Jay and the Dynasty. Anyways he was the man, or should i say the M.E.T.H.O.D. Mannnnnn..

Then there was REDMAN, he was the bomb, he changed me point of view about "entertainers", who come to the shows late, with about 14 people on stage and they alll have mics showing off their chains having no energy , so he said he came to give us a show and thts just what he did. omg i fell in love last night he he i didnt know he could dance. He also jumped into the crowd, they were greaaaaaaaaaaaaat. I L O V E D the perfomance. i just had to buy a shirt.

Everybody was smoking, hell they were smoking on Stage i got high off second hand smoke, i didnt mind though :-].

Then the highlight of my night, i ended up standing ontop of the rail cause im short and i couldnt see shit, so at the end of the show while Red was talkin They shined the lighted and he squinted and looked at me and pointed his finger and said "YES I SEE YOU, YOU ARE FUCKIN BEAUTIFAL", thats when i made up my mind i had to buy a shirt or go to hell.

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