Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let Me See it.

Okay so previously i blogged about Pimp C...fast forward a week.

So i work at House of Blues..i love that job, anyways the Kid Cudi/Asher Roth concert was the past friday. GREAAAAAAAAAAAT CONCERT not just cause of the concert, but our adventure, step into my night..

so that whole day i couldnt find shit to wear, ive convinced myself i have no clothes, so somebody needs to take me shopping.

So yea it was ME, Alica, Danielle, and Leigha. the crew for the night

Me and Danielle went to the bar..then they met us thts when it began...

this is what i ending up wearing...kinda cute..right?

We get inside, FREE remember cause i work there. and FREE drinks all night. lol bartenders mistake. Long island Iced Tea here Cranberry and Grey Goose There.alllllllllll night.

We sat down for Asher's performance, he did absolutley great i am now a bigger fan than i was before, after that we just went downstairs to wonder around and get more drinks

Idk how but Le worked her ass bck stage and all of us were like oh hellllll no lol. so We went bck to, and the security guard was like "why yall wristband blue?' and i was like " CAUSE I WORK HERE!...so lemme in" lol even tho i just found out if i woulda got caught bck there i woulda got terminated. anyways as soon as we walked back i see Kid Cudi, he dresses really cool. Then i walk even further back and end up Drinkin Ciroc and chillin in Asher Roths Room with the homies.

and being the fat ass i am, i just had to check for food. After that alicia had to pee so we walked out side, then bam. i see

Anyways, i was cool then i had a buzz, i was cool a nice alcoholic buzz, then all of a sudden i noticed the joint in his hand, after the pictures he passes it, i hit it, i hit it again, i cough, i look at it, then i pass it back as this is happening i hear kid cudi on stage. Then i slowly walk bck to the wall and thats when it hit me, i was spinning and spinning. to sum it up YES, he has THE best weed there is. whoa. anyways

After that, lol i got locked in the stairs for like twenty minutes idk how, alicia and danielle finally found me. i will never look at stairs the same.

This was an awesome night, i cant even put everything into words Alica was fun Leigha was fun Danielle was fun I was fun. The fun never ended.
-R.I.P Sweet Jones.

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