Saturday, August 8, 2009

Distant Lover.

I always talk about my imaginary boyfriend, lol the one tht i dnt have. And i never seem to be attracted to anyone, but the other day at work (METH n RED) concert, i saw the strangest beautifal looking creature, he was in the crowd but the security had to pull him out because he was too drunk and high in the crowd so he had to take a "breather" i turned around and i just started staring at him. Then i watched the show somemore and turned bck around then he was gone. Then i turned around again and he was there, then he was gone. He had big hair, not big gay hair but big sloppy puffy coily hair that was sooo long and pretty. what i want mine to look like when it grows more. i dnt know his name, but he was supposed to be my lover. If anybody finds him let me know.

you see how my hair is in this picture?? well his was like 5x longer and bigger than that. FIND HIM!!!

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