Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It seems like everybody has figured out what their God Given Talent is, but yet im still stuck searching for a distance. I was talkin to a friend today for a while, and she was telling be about her new line coming out and stuff and she wanted to be one of the models cause she knew i would feel her creations, and i said ofcourse cause i support any and everything you do. Then i was like "man im glad somebody finally discovered you, i wish i could figure out what my talent was" and she was like "you do have talent, thats the only reason i keep you updated on everything i do" that helped alot. but hmm i wonder what it is? when will i figure it out. i know its there because everybody seems to mention something about the pictures i take, the stuff i write, this and that this and that, but i guess ill figure it out in due time. i know my creativity will never go to waste, but its about time i put it to use..whenever i figure out what it is :-[

Anyways, this year at school i plan to be alot more productive, i LOVE the parties. but i really wanna take up some extracurricular activites, im pretty excited about my painting class, and i hope i have this class with bianca, i was texting her earlier about wanting to buy an easel to start painting, and we both agreed that we were broke haha.

You know what they say, a mind is a terrible thing to waste and i refuse to waste mine

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