Monday, August 10, 2009


  • My Flight Leaves Tommorrow at 9:10am
  • Ive been packing today since 2 thats was 6 hours ago, i am the worst packer ever.
  • Me and my mom have THE strangest relationship
  • I used to strait jack the shit out of Old Navy, but i quit
  • I really hope he doesnt think things will be the way they were when school starts
  • I have a short attention span
  • Maxwell should txt me back.
  • I need an asshole.
  • If my mom walks in right now shes gonna curse me out because ive been on the computer all day. absolutley nada accomplished.
  • I miss him, but im gonna ignore him until he gives me the attention i want.
  • I ALWAYS cry at church, no matter what.
  • I dnt think ill ever have the actual title as "boyfriend" in college.
  • If you call me, ill push ignore than text back "hey..sup?"
  • I think i have a stalker.
  • One day i wanna be famous. dnt gotta be in the videos or nada, just wanna be known
  • I want my blog to become popular.
  • And i wanna have a smoke session with my celeb. loves
  • I think im the only girl thats not obsessed with beyonce.
  • Aaliyah was my first and last fav. singer.
  • Ex's or Ex's for a reason, and mine makes me wanna throw up.
  • Im slowly learning how to cook, but nobody will eat it. taste good to me.
  • id make love to trey songz cheek bones.
  • bad sex is unnaceptable. slap yourself.
  • I think im obsessed with boys with strong structured faces, ill love you for your dimples, or jawline. sorry.
  • i dnt know how to run or job, my legs literally stop working.
  • i have to do something to disturb my food to make myself stop eating, i can out eat the nutty professor.
  • Erykah badu should text me so we can catch up on the times we never had.
  • Your name here.
  • Last year i threw up right infront of the JEFE BAR like up in the air. on the way to the car, everybody saw me. im nt even ashamed.
  • i do not know how to talk on the phone, i just cant do it.

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