Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Baby, take off your cool.

Baby take off your cool, i wanna see you.

It irritates THE hell out of me when people just have to be "cool" all the time, i could never be genuwine friends,lovers, or whatever with somebody that just had to have that fake cool covering them all the time, i mean its okay to sneeze, cough, be yourself around me. hell i dnt like fake cool people anyways, im not even cool. but anyways i love this song from the idle wild sountrack..or maybe cause they were having sex during this scene :-)


  1. lmao.
    i wish i was mean,
    so i could start naming people.
    but i wont do it,
    because im nice.

    oh my ves..
    what are we going to do.
    i think we might have to admit defeat soon.
    tweeting is in our near future...
    smh ;[

  2. im trying so hard to stay anti twitter, but its like calling me.

    haha "u forcin it"