Saturday, January 9, 2010

d e t o o z

I pretty much realized i was addicted to tattoos ,and tolerant to the pain when the needle started to feel good.

"experience is the best teacher..." is pretty much how i look at life.
I teach me everything.
Me. Dan. Lex. and Bee got random lady bugs on our body...where's mine?
Ghetto Dreams from 12am to 4am.
gracias bishop.

Bad habits, great cause.
But besides that, i never knew that girls would actually be willing to fuck for a tattoo lol. funny convo i accidently heard.
"gimme a hug"
"how much for a humming bird tattoo?"
"how bout we go talk about this in the restroom"
REALLY?...for a tattooo tho? foreal?

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