Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Skinny Guy


Just like i told him, i think his whole vision is beautiful. HIM = Tory SkinnyGuy Ramirez, the Founder of Skinny Guy.
The idea originated because people always used the word "Skinny" in a negative connotation, and he wanted to show that it can mean so much more, a word is whatever you make it.

I'm pretty sure you've seen the Skinny Guy shirts on somebody, somewhere. Because i see them everywhere.
iSupport because:
  1. The meaning behind Skinny Guy is Authentic.

  2. The shirts are attractive, to the Male And Female Eye

  3. Skinny Guy is For everybody

  4. Your not blind, the shirts are Dope.

  5. To have an idea is one thing, but to turn it into reality is someting to admire.

    Exhibits: : check out the website to see more, and order today.

    -your friendly neighborhood Skinny Guy

orig. 2007

"You always have room left to grow, not physically, but mentally, spiritually and emotionally, to live Skinny is to live with infinite possiblities"

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